The Tastiest Tomato Varieties

Tasting surveys of popular varieties of tomatoes have been carried out over the past few years.  The results show that most of the top tasting tomato varieties are the smaller cherry tomatoes.  The varieties Sungold and Suncherry Premium are the two varieties that have appeared consistently in the top 10 every year of the five years of tests.

Sweet Million is another good tasting variety that appeared in the top ten in four out of the five years.  Sweet Aperitif, Black Opal, Supersweet 100, Floridity, Tomatoberry Garden, Trilly and Golden Crown appeared in the top ten for three out of the five years.

Of the larger, more traditional varieties, Ailsa Craig and Alicante came top for taste.

We have many varieties in stock as seed and some will be available as plants in a few weeks time.

Position 2011 2012 2013 2014 2016
1 Sweet Million Sweet Aperitif Sungold Sweet Aperitif Santonio
2 Rosada Sungold Sweet Million Nectar Sungold
3 Suncherry Premium Chocolate Cherry Sakura Sungold Suncherry Premium
4 Trilly Suncherry Premium Golden Crown Suncherry Premium Superweet 100
5 Sparta Rosada Suncherry Premium Black Opal Sweet Aperitif
6 Sungold Sweet Million Nectar Sweet Million Tomatoberry Garden
7 Mini Charm Golden Crown Super Sweet 100 Golden Crown Black Opal
8 Tomatoberry Trilly Trilly Floridity Floridity
9 Ship Saint Floridity Tomatoberry Garden Santonio Sugargloss
10 Sakura Supersweet 100 Black Opal Red Profusion Rapunzel

Source:  Ball Colegrave Growers News

Roger Eavis