trees in rows

New Tree Selection

Exciting news! We have recently expanded the tree section in our garden centre again, and, with over 1000 ornamental and fruit trees in stock, we now have an even greater range and choice. Now is the best time of year to plant them in your garden!

Amelanchier flowers

Amelanchier in flower

We have the new Amelanchier ‘Obelisk’ that grows upright and less outwards, making it perfect for tight or smaller spaces. This small tree has masses of creamy-white, star-shaped flowers and creates a stunning display in spring. In the autumn, the leaves turn different shades of red and yellow to provide autumn colour.

The Tulip Tree, Liriodendron tulipifera, is one of the few trees that will flower in mid-summer, making it a great addition to spring flowering trees, producing gorgeous large tulip-shaped flowers when it is mature.

We have an additional area of larger tree specimens, some over 5 metres (15ft) in height. They provide instant impact to any space including Silver Birch – Betula pendula and Betula jacquemontii, grown for their bright white bark in that shines out in the winter and Tibetan Cherry (Prunus serrula) with its striking smooth mahogany coloured bark that peels to reveal fresh new reddish bronze bark that glows in the autumn and winter light.

More mature-sized flowering cherries trees are also available such as Prunus ‘Kanzan’, probably the most popular Japanese flowering cherry with its big double pink flowers with a frilly-edge in spring and its orange-red leaves in autumn and Prunus ‘Royal Burgundy’ with bright, double, pink flowers contrasting against glossy, purple leaves.

Prunus Kanzan Flowers

Prunus Kanzan in Flower

On our nursery, we have also added new rows and beds for trees that we are growing on, including apple, pear & plum trees as well as many new varieties of ornamental trees.  We are also growing pleached hornbeam trees that have a 6ft stem with the branches trained on to a rectangular frame to create a living screen. These are fantastic for stopping other people looking into your garden especially from second floor windows!

If you are looking for a tree, pop in and have a look. Our staff are also available to help.




Roger Eavis