Trachelospermum jasminoides

Colourful climbers

Climbing plants can add an extra dimension to all gardens. They will bring height, structure and general interest. They can also introduce extra colour and vibrancy to all corners and are fantastic covering for unsightly fences or walls. We currently have a great choice of climbers available, so pop in to browse at your leisure.

If you have a shady north or east facing wall, you can grow Ivy ‘Gloire de Marengo’ or perhaps opt for a Honeysuckle ‘Hall’s Prolific’ or ‘Copper Beauty’, which also compliments beautifully with a Clematis ‘Viticella’. Maybe even a Virginia Creeper, known for it’s rapid growth.

Clematis Warwickshire Rose

Clematis Warwickshire Rose

For warmer, sunnier south or west facing walls or fencing most of the climbing roses will prove to be spectacular. Try ‘Compassion’ a large and vigorous climber with coppery tinged fragrant blooms or perhaps ‘Ena Harkness’ with it’s attractive hanging heads in crimson-scarlet and a strong old rose fragrance. The bright blooms of the Clematis ‘Rebecca’ will also make a colourful display, but why not try something more unusual like an Ipomea grandiflore (Morning Glory) which really does make a glorious show with it’s stunning purple flowers. This will bloom from June and continue to flower until September. As an alternative perhaps try an Exocharda ‘The Bride’, an exotic Potato vine or even the delightful Passionflower. Not to be forgotten the Trachelospermum (Star Jasmine) which will grow perfectly well in either sun or shade and adds  interest with it’s delicate display of white star shaped flowers and has a lovely fragrance too?

If you are looking for a fast growing, evergreen covering try the Clematis ‘Armandii’ which will enjoy a sunny sheltered spot and bears clusters of larger white flowers early in the spring.

Whatever you are looking for, come in and see us soon, where our expert and friendly staff can help you with your choices.

Happy gardening!

Roger Eavis