Amelanchier lamarckii

Amelanchier trees now in full bloom

Amelanchier are one of my favourite plants. They have masses of small, creamy white flowers that herald the start of spring. The flowers contrast the coppery-red, silky new leaves as they appear. Amelanchier will form a small tree or a large shrub about 5 metres (15ft) tall at full height. It can be grown as a standard tree (with a clear stem up to 4 or 5ft tall) or, as I prefer, as a multi-stemmed shrubby tree. It can also be kept small by cutting it back every year and be grown as a shrub in a garden border. In the autumn, Amelanchier leaves turn a orange-red colour.

Amelanchier can be grown in a range soils, including moist soils although not in chalky or very alkaline soils. We have four growing in a neutral to alkaline soil at the edge of the car park at Greenshutters Garden Centre and they look fabulous at the moment. Please feel free to pop in and see them. We have specimens available for sale.

Amelanchier lamarckii

Amelanchier lamarckii in full bloom

Roger Eavis