Autumn is here – A good time to plant

Summer has been a mix of weather with a reasonable amount of rain making the grass grow quickly. We often have a good spell of sunny days in September and October, so let’s hope that the next few weeks are bright so we can get out in the garden and enjoy the autumn colours. Autumn is a great time for gardening, and there is a lot that can be done.

If your summer pots and baskets are starting to look tired, we have autumn and winter colour such as pansies, violas and cyclamen.  Winter violas and pansies are hardy and will survive the toughest of winters in pots, hanging baskets and border. They may stop flowering during very cold spells but during milder spells in the winter and spring they will produce masses of colourful flowers.  We have a range of colours from cool pastels to purples and blues to hot autumn colours such as Viola Honeybee featured in the picture above. Plant these now for colour all winter and spring.  We also have a bigger range for foliage plants for autumn colour in pots and baskets such as Silver Bush (Calocephalus) with its unusual silvery foliage, dwarf conifers, blue-leaved grasses such as Festuca and variegated ivies all work well with the winter hardy pansies and violas. Other autumn flowering plants include pinks (Dianthus) and mini cyclamen.

Autumn is also the time to plant bulbs such as daffodils, tulips, crocus and hyacinths so you have colour in the spring.  Additionally, planting trees, hedging and shrubs at this time of year gives them time to root into the warm soil before winter. The earlier you plant in the autumn, the longer the plants have to root into the ground and establish a root system. The bigger the root system by developed by spring, the more growth you will get from your plants.

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Roger Eavis