March – Is it spring?

It is the 1st March, but as I sit here writing there is heavy snow all around and it definitely still feels like the depths of winter. We have been busy knocking snow off the polytunnels and water tank to prevent them collapsing. Hopefully in the next week or so, there will be more of a feel of spring in the air.

The display tables are starting to fill up with fresh new plants and in the next few weeks there will be new batches of climbers, roses, shrubs and bedding plants available as the garden centre fills up with colour. We are increasing our selection of plants again this year with more varieties and colours in a range of pot sizes. We have a fresh range of over 50 different varieties of herbaceous perennials (Cottage Garden Plants) and alpines available in 1 litre pots. These are 3 for £10 or £3.99 each. The selection includes Nepeta (Catmint), Euphorbia, Papaver (Poppies), Echium, Delphinium, Hollyhocks, Aubretia and Dianthus to name but a few. Pop in and take a look.

March and April are our busiest months for shipping out hedging plants. Bare-root plants are available until the end of March but we do not re-stock after the middle of March so please enquire soon if you would like to plant native bare-root hedging. We can usually continue digging rootballed plants of Laurel and Portugal Laurel until the middle of April depending on the weather, after which we will have pot-grown hedging plants available.

Pot-grown plants of Leylandii, Thuja (Western Red Cedar) and Griselinia are also available throughout the year. Instant hedging troughs of Hornbeam and mixed native hedging (6ft tall) are also in stock.

I know it seems like a long time away but we have a Peony Weekend on 2nd and 3rd June 2018 with a talk at 2.30pm on each day from our very own Peony expert, Susannah Applegate, with many varieties to buy.

Roger Eavis