Heavenly Hydrangeas

Many people remember hydrangeas from their childhood gardens, but hydrangeas are becoming increasingly popular again with many more varieties available in various colours. These versatile plants will thrive in full sun to full shade, the only thing they require is a moist soil. We have a good range of hydrangeas available including


‘Zorro Pink’ – a stunning variety with beautiful dark pink lacecap flowers on dark, almost black stems and green leaves – such an eye-catching plant.


‘Hot Red’ – a new mophead variety with true red flowers


‘Hot Red Violet’ – a new mophead variety with dark purplish-red flowers


‘Love Me Kiss’ – a new lacecap variety that has white flowers with a distinct pink margin around the edge of the flower


Hydrangeas will flower from late spring through to late autumn. An interesting quirk is their ability to change the colour of their flowers according to the acidity/alkalinity and aluminium content of the soil – blue flowers due to more Hydrangea ‘Zorro’ acidity and aluminium in the soil and pink in an alkaline soil. Aluminium sulphate (Hydrangea colourant) can be added to the soil to produce blue flowers.


Hydrangeas need little maintenance and will quickly fill out to form a rounded shrub which will provide colour throughout the summer months. They also make a very good cut flower.

Roger Eavis